Meredith asked on her blog. And I got to thinking a lot about what she wrote, about where I live and what that means.

It’s a big thing to choose a home. We thought Denver wasn’t it, I mean we only came here so Kevin could go to grad school. So when he finished we dutifully packed up our bags and boxes and headed out to find our place. The thing is, while Kevin was busy going to school this place, this city changed us and made us part of it. So as much as we tried to be somewhere else this city called us back.

So my story is that of a girl who grew up in a great big city and thought she needed to live in the woods, only to find that there was a smaller city just waiting for her to discover it. Then when she tried to leave, it called her back in so many different ways that it was inescapable. So now she lives in that city again with its rivers and mountains, coffee shops and museums. She lives here with a family learning as she goes how to be a Mama, a Wife, a Writer and a part of the community. She spends her days helping her son learn and play and her nights putting words on paper, all the while scheming meals and adventures with the people she loves.

That big city she grew up in still holds a little of her heart, and she has to go back every once in a while to drink her fill. But by the end of a week she knows once again that she has chosen right for herself, while it would be great to have Uncles and Aunts and Grandparents for her son to grow up around there are some of those here as well as a slower pace and a community of friends. But most importantly there is something about this city that has stolen her heart, it truly is a Queen City.

What is the story of where you call home?