Moving back to Denver has had lots of benefits. The one that it most wonderful is the group of adults that Alder gets to grow up around. They are a wonderful mixture of people who are all creating their own relationships with him.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with one such friend, Nils. Nils and I have been friends for years. Pre Alder we use to share a garden plot, we’ve worked together and met one night when we were paired for “date night” at a burrito place that would only honor their two for one deals for male/female couples (Kevin was hardly ever around when he was in grad school).

Alder was so excited for lunch that he insisted that we leave early in the morning and walk, without the stroller. So we headed out across town.

Heading Out

It was very windy downtown so we decided to take a short cut through an office building only to find that it was filled with sculptures.


We decided on eating out, sandwiches for us and fruit for Alder, light stuff because we were saving room for dessert.


Of course it is nearly impossible to enjoy your ice cream completely without a visit to the playground. This is where I mention that having all these friends also means that Alder has a constant stream of playmates; even if they are a little too big for the playground equipment.

up and down

The day ended, four miles of walking later with a bus ride home where Papa was waiting for us. Now that is what a day should be like.