I am returned, home after seven days. It’s the longest I’ve been gone since Alder was born. If I had any really notions of running away this trip has quashed them, I started missing my boys after four days, and was ready to be home after five. Still I am glad I was there for the whole week, starting with such sadness but being able to spend my last night in celebration with some of the same people I wept with at the beginning of the week.

I have a long list of project owed to this space, as well as some new thoughts and such. But for now I wanted to share a bit of New York that I stole and brought back with me.


I’m not sure where my mind was for a lot of the trip, I would just walk for hours during the days taking pictures, or not, trying to capture something of New York, of my childhood, of my family, of the place I would never live but still is part of me.


The Theodore Roosevelt Park by the Natural History Museum was a favorite Springtime spot for my mother and I. I remember catching frog eggs in a long gone stream. It wasn’t until this past trip that I noticed the obelisk that lists the Americans who have won the Nobel Prize.


The trees were all in bloom around the city, they softened the edges of the city a little.

Tangled Birds

One day I walked south from my Dad’s house through Central Park, a walk I done a thousand times, but this time I remembered to turn around a few times and was surprised by what I found.


Is it any wonder that my mind is full of stories when there were arches like this to come upon when I was a child. I used to think all of these parts of the park lead to secret other worlds, I still do.


Once, I got a really bad hair cut, I mean the sort that makes you want to cry. I went down to Astor Hair a place notorious for being willing to cut girls hair short to fix it. Today I wear braids most days.

In Red

I love how, in any city or town, there is always an attempt by people to condense the entire meaning of the place in one small drawing.