Assignment 1 for  C and C Photography class:

I am sure there are other ways to work on projects like this but for me I needed to do it strait through. So my son and I spent three hours with the eggs. When we took the egg out it reminded me of those egg baby assignments they give to highschool students. You’ll be happy to know the eggs are home and safe, although the white one is currently being eaten.

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow, Black and White

This part of the assignment took the most thinking, it was a cloudy day when I decided to work on this so there wasn’t a lot of natural sunlight to use. Instead I set up a spot light and used a black cushion,  a gray and white piece of wool and a piece of printer paper. I experimented both with some of the automatic settings and manual ones, it’s still a new camera to me and I have a lot to learn.

Black Egg Alone

Colored Egg

I admit it I wasn’t about to go buy a second package of eggs after I discovered that my husband had used all the brown eggs. Instead I made my own colored egg using sumi ink. I think things would have gone differently with a solid color egg. I ended up getting very interested in the patterns that my finger prints made rather than just the shape of the egg.

Black and White Together

Black and White Together

The white and black eggs together were fun, something about the pureness of the white egg against the craginess of painted egg that complimented each other.

Egg Out in the World

Eggs Out in the World

Adding color and environment to the eggs without making it look like an I Spy picture was hard for me. It felt really silly, so we tried introducing the eggs to objects, first at home and then at a coffee shop. Getting the uncooked eggs to the coffee shop along with a three year old on a tricycle was a bit comical.

Abstract Eggs

Abstract Eggs

Finally, I took the egg out of the photos, that is I stopped looking at the egg as an egg or even as an egg shape and tried to see what I could see. Other than some cropping the only one I edited on the computer was the top right photo. I tried long exposures and moving the camera as well as focusing on other parts of the frame with the egg in the foreground.

In the end these are my favorite shots: