photo taken by Carmela but that day was a whole other adventure

Writing happens around here, I’m sure you’ve heard. Once a week I get together with my friend James for an informal workshop. For me it is a small bit of external motivation and a reminder about why I write. We talk a little about what we’ve written, lot about books, sometimes about babies (his wife is pregnant) and usually we spend some time writing. I feel incredibly lucky to have this weekly date in my life. At some point I may want some more concrete criticism of my work but right now it’s all about putting things down on paper.

James just wrote a little about our Wednesday mornings here.

I like this set up right now, at this stage of my writing I really don’t want to hear other people’s opinions of what I am writing, I don’t want it to change the original story I have in my head. The few times I have been in formal workshops I found that everyone is really there to have other people look at their stuff and they tend to look at others work in relationship to what they are writing. While I have learned some valuable things from these classes sometimes people remind me of some of my inflexible English teachers from childhood. My favorite example was the workshop leader that told me that the reason my stories didn’t work was that I didn’t explore the characters relationships to their parents (neither short story had anything to do with their families). I felt like she had a rubric of what was needed in a good story and didn’t delve any further, especially she told everyone this.

Sorry that was a little aside, the point is having someone to meet with consistently, to remind me of my goals and focus is truly a gift. Thanks James.