I can’t even comprehend that’s it’s been a week since I wrote here. I’ve spent so much of my time writing that it has all blurred together so much. I know I wrote a few posts in my head as I was out walking around and I really do want to share then with you soon.

Until then I’ll leave you with this conversation I over heard in line between two young teacher (I’ve abridged it a bit).

Teacher A: You know, if they could my students would conference with me forty-five minutes a day but I just don’t have that much time.

Teacher B: I know they have so much to say and have so many questions.

Teacher A: Sometimes they even email me with stuff, I wish I had the time to give each one what they needed but I have to think about all of them.

Teacher B: Well at least you are willing to meet with them.


You have to remember that Colorado while 7th in the country for funding it is near the bottom for classroom size with Denver having an average of 32 students per class at the elementary school level . It is within these two disparate facts (the teachers and the statistics) that we choose each day Alder’s learning life. Of course these are not the only facts we think about but they are part of them.