Unpacking Myself

As I’ve mentioned before I have been doing a lot of writing recently, a lot of fiction. The story is centered around a young man at the beginning of the 20th century and his adventures as he tries to get from New York to the mountains in Colorado. The story came to me in full a few years ago while I was at the state fair and has simmered in my mind until this January when I decided that I needed to be writing not just thinking about writing. This also coincided with moving back to Denver. At some point I casually mentioned to another writer friend of mine that it might be nice to meet up and talk about what we had been working on. Well two months later this has turned into a weekly meeting where we share our progress, write a little and talk about books a little.

Having these weekly schedule expectations has helped immensely.  Finally last week I went from writing down the story in my head to actually writing, you know when the words move as smoothly as the story within your mind? My main character is beginning to show himself to me and he is a lot more interesting than I originally thought. While I know that I do the creating and writing I also know that the way the stories build it seems to me that I am just as much a reader as everyone else. I knew this is what writing was like before and I kept at it this time assuming that it would return to that state, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.

The funny thing about this story is that although I also moved from New York to Colorado I am not writing my story. Forgetting the sex of the character and the time period the internal reasons and the actual experiences are so different that I feel only a kinship to him, like a distant cousin, not as if we are the same person. This has led me to start to “unpack” some things about myself and my experiences both in New York and out here that this weekend have started to take the shape of essays.  Right now I have two pages of personal experience that I am craving to have real facts about it filled in, I feel the need to understand certain things about my childhood in a larger historical context. So while I spend most of my time entertaining a young man from a century ago I also am pondering the how and the why of my own coming to these places.

I know I don’t talk about my writing often here but sometimes I am just dying to tell someone about the creative process that I am going through.