(I know the irony of a post titled we walk with a picture of someone sitting)

It’s what we do, we find something that interests us and we go there.  Yesterday we made it only as far as the coffee shop down the street for tea. The day before it was two hours to the art store for one gray pen. But the pen wasn’t what was important it was what we found in between, the muddy playground, the cat in a parking lot, the nice woman who talked to us for a while. These are what these walks are for.

Sometimes I feel bad that we still use a stroller, but at this point it is more of a stuff hauler than a place Alder sits. When we set out on our walks we come prepared with drawing supplies, books, snacks and extra clothes. We make a day of these trips so the stroller makes it happen happily. And sometimes when he doesn’t feel like pushing it (which is usually what he does) he’ll get in. That’s the other advantage to the stroller we can go much further because he does take breaks. Sometimes I get insane ideas of where we should go and those days he’ll even nap for a while on the way home.

On days when I feel the dreaded waiting for something new come over me walks remind me what we are doing now is life, it isn’t something we are waiting to start. The world I am introducing him to spreads far from our door and circles back to this safe place. But it is the big world that holds the adventures in it.