So Ordinary Life Magic Too is having a Science Fair and Alder and I decided to share one of our experiments. This one took a little preparation on my part but it worked out well.

To Do the Night Before: Mix red, blue and yellow waters (separately) and make 4 ice cubes of each color, freeze.


We have been talking a lot lately about what happens when you mix colors. The problem is that we usually are out drawing with only markers, which have a really good ability to make brown fast. So I came up with this as a way we could really see the colors mixing. Alder made a few guesses about what colors would make what.

blue and yellow make...
Put two of the ice cubes in a bowl.

red and blue make
Then you pour in warm water (note it is just warm water from the sink)

on the way to green
Mix with favorite spoon

Until all the ice is melted

Compare results

This of course was followed by about a half our of pouring and spooning.