After the science experiment in the morning we decided to go for a Happiness Walk. We go for lots of walks, and we are happy most of the time but a Happiness Walk is special we really spend our time looking around us and finding what makes us happy, then I take a picture.

we walked through the warehouse area where there are lots of design firms, it’s the sort of place where an architect’s office is right next to a place that manufacturers rubber gaskets next too a club next to a welder’s studio.

We stopped in a cafe for Vanilla Milk, the place was decorated in spoons!

Milk delivered
Denver is a big city but it still holds onto some its old traditions, one dairy still delivers milk to your doorstep in glass bottles.

This is what a lot of Denver looks like in the snow, not a sight we’ve seen in a few months.

This area has been many things over time and sometimes you can see where all the moments come together.

These walks we take through the neighborhoods of this city remind me why I have loved Denver for so long, and why coming back here feels so natural. There are some days when I almost believe if I walk long enough the last two and a half years will vanish, that we will just be on a natural Denver path. Even if that doesn’t happen they still serve as a way I can root down here and find all that I need in place and community and family.