I have mentioned before that my aunt has been very ill for the past few months. I have felt a little lost being so far from my family, unable to help, to be there. I really want to go back again soon to be a presence not only for my aunt but to be supportive of my uncle and cousins. I wanted to send my love to them, especially my aunt.

So the idea of this small quilt came to me a few weeks ago. I immediately saw it in my head strips of blues and grays, comfort colors. It couldn’t be cute or sentimental, we are a family of artists and designers. So I headed down to the fabric store to see what they had in their mill ends section. The first thing to catch my eye was a roll of blue oxford, to that I added three more fabrics each with a different feel and tone. I stayed away from prints so that the pattern of the quilt itself would stand out.


The fabric sat by my sewing machine for a week waiting for me to find time. Then this morning Kevin and Alder decided to go visit his father and brother (to do some welding) and I had hours to myself. I started by cutting the fabric into strips. Then I cut each color into 4 or 5 lengths. Then I stacked together enough pieces to make one long strip (60″) and sewed them together. I worked fairly consistently through the afternoon, other than a trip to the store for a functioning pair of scissors. So far I have four out of 9, possible 10 long strips done.


Putting this together has given me a chance to think back about all of my wonderful memories of my aunt and to hope that we have at least a few more between us. But if I can not be there I want her to have a little bit of me warming her.