These are not always my strong suit. I am great at the planning stages of a project and even at the execution but continuing is tough for me. I really want to be able to see my projects through to the end, I know they can be worth while and good but there is something in me that gets sidetracked or dissuaded somewhere in the middle. And it isn’t a forgetful thing, yes I write things down in my planner and leave notes to myself but when it comes down to it I look at them and can’t get myself to do them.

I am not in need of tricks or systems of organization, I’m in need of an internal switch. I wish I was one of those people who could pick up some inspirational book on things like this as say “Oh my god this is what has been missing in my life” but so far all I see in such books are more good tricks to get things done none of them work from the inside out.  I know that February is always tough and things can look bleaker right now but it seems to me that this is the best time to make changes, that way when Spring comes and life begins to bloom again I’ll be ahead.

So lay it on me. What do any of you suggest, yes even some more of those books as long as organization isn’t in the title or subtitle.