We found the soccer ball this morning and Alder decided that today was the perfect day to play, in a new park. So we headed downtown and after exploring the bookstore, in hopes of finding a picture of a hedgehog.

After an hour of playing soccer, both on a field and down a hill we went in search of another field. As we came down the hill a sculpture stood there. What else could he do but follow the path.

To the edge and cautiously approach it. (don’t worry there are actually stairs under the ledge although Alder didn’t know this until he was at the very edge)

The problem with parks downtown, no one picks up the dog poop (pet peeve of mine). Alder landed squarely in it and thought some snow would do the trick.

We went in search of what else we could see. We found so much as the wind blew harder and we walked further from home.

  • Two foot bridges
  • A pack of scooters in a yard
  • Two construction sites
  • One blue crane (the vehicle sort)
  • Cheesecake
  • That granite walls are like mirrors

Today my boy was full of bright eyes and ideas. He was pink pajamas and soccer balls. He was an explorer who stepped near the edge of the precipice but held on while he did. He was hugs and kisses and runs down hills. He was a messy face but clean shoes. And in the end he was put-himself-to-bed-before-supper tired.