We're here!

While so many people are spending time going over the past year I will give it only a few lines. It’s been a year of toughness. Family illness, moving (twice), feelings of failure. But also joy and return. New projects starting to formulate, but old hopes dissipating. It was my attempt at rural life and my husbands support and enthusiasm to return to my city. And finally it was watching with wonder the changes that grew through Alder. Yet the year ended with me being whisked off to he ball Cinderella-Steampunk-style by new friends and old.

On to 2010

There is so much that is brewing now. Projects started, opportunities popping up.

Settling into a new/old life.

Exploring more of this city by bike, foot, and bus.

Creating a community for Alder, which has some aspects separate from making my community.

Supporting Kevin though a difficult transition.

Creating Kevin’s business.

Caring for myself.

Writing, writing and more writing.

Learning more about my camera and becoming friends with it.

Keeping my connection with the prairie.

Rooting down and finding joy in pauses.

Reading much and widely.

I know myself well enough not to commit to any daily or even monthly projects but I will promise to share with you all here where Denver takes us.