Outside at St Marks

this spot will be three blocks from our house, drawn in 2005

The days to the move are counting down and things are disappearing into boxes and the awfully large trailer that is parked behind the house. But the biggest change around here is the love that seems to be flowing more than ever. We have so much to do in the next few months between moving, Kevin’s business and my projects but rather than fighting for time we are coming more together. This return to Denver has some special effect on all of us, an energy has returned to this family that has been missing for a few years. The fog that had settled over us is lifting and there is so much to do and be part of. (okay I know this is bad grammar but I can’t fix it without changing the meaning)

We aren’t running off with any unrealistic view of Denver, we have lived there and we know it is going to take a lot of time and work to make everything come together but it is effort we are ready to put in. Even Alder wakes up in the morning and wants to know what he can help pack.

What is important with this move is that it doesn’t feel like a stop on a train, someplace we are while we are waiting for something better, even the place we are moving into is one we want to stay in for a long time.

Today we were up in Denver for the day just sort of living as if we were already moved in, while Papa worked. It feels so natural for me and Alder is so happy when we are there wandering around. It will be even better when we can have a home to come to that doesn’t involve driving an hour and a half each way.

I think I’ve said all these things before but it all just makes me so happy I have to say it again and again to everyone I know just to share my joy because for once I feel like I am not jumping into the unknown but into an exciting familiar world.