The insanity of moving is settling in and I’m almost finished drinking a pot of coffee today (this coming from a woman who maybe has a cup a week in normal caffeinated situations). But while I am cleaning, packing, wrapping gifts, celebrating the Holiday, I have had some random thoughts.

1) Most people talk about wonderful first kisses, and I have had many and miss them terribly, but am I the only person who has had a perfectly romantic last kiss?

2) Listening to water in a river has a cyclic rhythm that repeats, not exactly but fairly similar. But if you try to listen too hard for it you get lost in the individual sounds.

3) Stress brings out moments of vagueness in me that can be frightening, it is almost like I am distanced from the world by a screen unable to interact.

4) I wonder why so many of the women that I went to high school with are still single but so few of the men are.

5) There is one thing I most desperately miss at this house, the ability to just let Alder out the door to play outside. The benefits of moving far out weigh this but I will miss this and hope that I can still give him opportunities to be by himself outside. Because of this I want to go out to the mountains or prairie once a week, not just to hike but to amble.

6) My music collection is dated, I haven’t bought many CDs since the late 1990’s, but I wouldn’t know where to begin at this point.

7) I love scrubbing my cast iron pot and kettle with oil and salt to clean them. It i so satisfying to see they glowing black (yes I did say glowing black).

8) I miss writing a lot, I have had much time to work on fiction since we decided to move.

9) I think it is amusing that a highschool boy was flirting with me at a coffee shop the other day, it made me feel good about myself.

10) Whenever we move (which has been way too often) I get sucked into

I’m guessing things are going to be rather sporadic around this blog for the next few weeks. [I am not sure why but wordpress has a bug where 8 and ) turn into a smiley face every time I use them, I guess it’s a happy bug.]