We’re back from 10 days up in Denver. Included in the excitement was signing a lease for next month. We are returning to the city! It has been a tough two years since we left and while we were up there both of us realized how natural we felt there. Even Alder is excited (he woke up at 4 yesterday and started packing his toys). While I am ready for this change, ready to be near like minded people and not have to drive everywhere, there is part of me that is sad to leave the farm. Honestly if we had found some people like us around here I would be writing about choosing chickens and goats right now, instead I am thinking about bike trails and museum free days. Once, a few years ago I wrote about how I was more of a front stoop person than a back porch one, well now we are going to have a front stoop walking distance to a coffee shop. The best thing about our new place is that we are only four blocks from a huge park that has some great playgrounds, handball courts, tennis courts, a Nature and Science Museum, a Zoo and lots of land to wander on.


Still in Denver we will be at the intersection of prairie and mountains, except the mountains are much closer and there are rivers for boating as well! So here we go again packing up, but this time it’s too something we know and love in a place where we have a support system and friends. We are going to have to work hard to make this succeed but it is a natural sort of working, not desperate.Β  I’ll admit it I was never willing to work night shifts at the super market when we were in Vermont, I just didn’t have the commitment to the place, in Denver it would seem okay, away to live our life.