Hi life is getting pretty busy. Santa Fe was short, only gotr tospend on night and the tried to beat a snow storm home the next afternoon. Got stuck in Pueblo in a motel. Luckily, the motel had a pool and a hot tub so we spent a few hours there before bed and in the morning waiting the snow to get plowed on the interstate.

Since then there has be well so major developments in our lives. I guess some might call us nomads at this point but we’re moving again (and yes there are boxes we haven’t gotten to unpacking yet. But we decided a few months ago that we wanted to move back to Denver. At firsdt we thought it was going to be six months or more but then things got going faster, and then yesterday I went and signed a lease on a great “row house” right next our friends house. So we’ll be moving in begining of January.

On top of that we are house sitting for two weeks so I am writing this on a ten year old computer that is only letting me see about 2/3 of the screen. I am afraid to see the spelling on this entry when I go through it.