We broke out the tempera paints this weekend for the first time. I have a bunch of projects that I think Alder might like to do. But to start I just want him to paint and get a feel for how they work. So Sunday morning we covered the table and sat down with plates of paint, water, brushes and pieces of an old pizza box and painted. I have found that he gets frustrated with the large sloshy kids brushes so we have been using my old acrylic paint brushes which are smaller and stiff. The change is wonderful he gets less frustrated with the smaller brushes and has enjoyed making various lines, rather than just covering the paper with color.

While I really want to do a lot of the projects that I see out on the internet there is part of me that feels that free use of art supplies is a better way for learning and expression. Instead I think I am going to include projects as they relate to the rest of our lives. I trust Alder to tell me when he has an idea of what he wants to make, it’s my responsiblity to find ways of doing these projects without killing myself. Perhaps it’s just me, but sometimes organizing a creative activity on the spur of the moment is almost painful. I suppose the best thing for me to do is organize the supplies by possible projects that I can grab when needed.

Anyone who has massive creative project motivation please tell me your secret!