the candy-napping-blue-butterfly-dragon

Yesterday Alder experienced Trick-or-Treating for the first time. We were up in Denver for the weekend and we managed one block in our old neighborhood (where we were staying) and his bag was full. For the last month he had been adamant that he did not want to dress up for Halloween, then Saturday when we were in the car he suddenly blurted out that he had changed his mind. Luckily, I had had a smart Mama moment the night before and had packed his wings and my bag of watercolor pencils. And the Candy-Napping-Blue-Butterfly-Dragon was born. As the candy began to accumulate I remember I had heard about an idea where kids trade their candy for a toy or a book. So this year Alder is leaving his candy for Solomon (our dragon) who is going to take it to his friend the toy maker and trade it for a small special gift.

As for Mama’s Halloween it was wonderful, earlier in the day we went to the new Contemporary Art Museum for family free day, and went spent time reading books at the wonderful bookstore and playing down by the river.

Not bad for a sunny day in Denver.