I try to avoid political subjects on this blog but I have something about the health care debate that I wanted to share. It isn’t my personal opinion about healthcare that is the point here, actually it had to do with human nature more than anything. You see I don’t think this debate is winnable by either side. Because while we are talking about healthcare, our lives and well being, the debate really has to do with the question of what it means to be human.

To some a human is an independent creature who as a discrete biological entity does not need others, except their immediate family to survive. That to be human is to be an individual, you may find pleasure and necessity in community but it is not a part of their make up as a being. To others community is part of being human, they feel that their very functioning is related to the people around them. These people believe that giving to and having the support of the larger community is part of being a person.

The debate becomes more about what it means to be a human which is more philosophical and spiritual than political. I don’t think questions like these can be decided by elected officials. Not that I don’t have my own beliefs about the debate that I feel are absolutely right, it’s just that they have more to do with my very beliefs about what being a human is.