At the Top

It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. That means lots of inside time for all of us, early snow is usually wet and verging on rain or sleet. So we decided after breakfast a hike was an important thing for us to do today, after we put in an hour dragging wood.


We headed west towards the mountains to their edge and found a little mountain named Cedar that we all hiked to the top. In our family there is a need to be outside and moving, if it’s been too long since we were last out in the wild we start to get grumpy and not nice. So we refilled ourselves before the storm comes.


Alder is quite the hiker, he made it the two miles to the top with out being carried. I’ve found that he does best if he is leading and can stop when ever he wants. A moment here for a oak leaf, and there to watch a garter snake makes for a happy and excited traveling companion. Trips like this aren’t for putting on the miles, they are for being outside as a family, discovering things and having fun. When we keep that in mind we all have a great time. It’s like all of parenting, you have to look at the greater goal not just the daily to do list.