(sorry this yarn doesn’t photograph well flat, it’s such a dark color)

So I have been knitting like crazy for the last two weeks. Not only is the pattern super fun and easy but it’s getting cold and I don’t want to spend another winter wearing Kevin’s sweaters. Yes I’ve become the Mama who stands at the bottom of the slide in the play ground knitting while playing with my child. Alder has gotten so used to it that he reminds me to bring my knitting.


But there has been some time away from the needles. Today we started on the banners for the school room. Okay Alder kept me company while I cut and ironed, but the fabrics are his choice. Last week Kevin and Alder made some shelves for the room and we’ve laid down an old rug. An old dinning room table has become our project space. All we need now is to clean the outside of the window and make curtains!