First for the announcement. Kevin and I have decided to start a new blog to announce activities that we want to host at our house. The blog Children in the Woods will be our calendar of events as well as a place to babble about the why of what we are planning. Anyway if your local (that would be the Front Range in CO) check it out. Oh, and these are just get togethers not any sort of school program or anything just our version of being new and creating community.

Second is the sad story. Last night I was sitting on the couch late knitting and I noticed that the dryer was banging around a lot. Odd, not only because dryers should not bang, but also because I didn’t remember doing any laundry. Anyway I left the warmth of my blanket and went to find out what the noise was. At first I couldn’t find anything hard in the dryer so (like the Daddy in Knuffle Bunny) I looked harder and what did I find but my camera still in the pocket of the fleece vest I wore the other day. Yes my dear dear camera went through the wash, and unlike a lighter it did not survive the trip. So until we can replace the camera I will be recycling pictures on the blog.

Oh this is the camera we’re dreaming of, or this one. If anyone out there has any work done for them I would be happy to do it towards the camera fund.