hat hair on an early snowy day

It feels like a long time since Sunday. Back then, when it was summer we wore t-shirts and sandals, and sat outside until night fell. Now I’m sitting here with my winter scarf around my neck and a wood stove burning. Oh I could easily settle into this early winter, I love the cold. But I know that it will only be a few days until the warm days of early Autumn return throwing me back into the early October with chilly mornings and almost hot afternoons. That’s just how weather goes in Colorado, it’s fairly mild around here, none of the ten below we had in Vermont but the weather can change daily, hourly. One year on my birthday (in August) I got caught in a blizzard on the road home, a few days later I was watching the Allman Brothers in shorts outside.

first snow


Our poor late season garden is struggling through all of this, I’m not worried about the chard or kale but the salad greens and beets are taking a lot of my attention right now.

Now there are collages to be made at a table by the stove and a pot of boiling hammocks that need their split peas.