dining area

in the city





so much to do

'i suppose'


We visited friends last night for dinner in their outdoor dinning room. It is a place of so many memories a place we help create when they first bought it. It has become a beautiful place of eating and parties. During their wedding Kevin climbed on to the roof to hang a tarp to save guests from a sudden rain storm. We all painted the rooms in all three buildings. I’ve planted here and help build rock walls, I cooked and drank. But mostly it is a place of conversation and lingering and eating.

And the eating was epic, it always is when Gio grills. He takes his Brazilian childhood and brings it to us through the meat he grills, Jenna saladed us and beaned us and filled us with Apple Fig Crumble. We ate we drank we talked we spent our time telling stories with old friends and new one.

And of course Alder was the perfect ‘only kid at the party’ and talked with everyone, played by himself and helped out. Alder loves parties, meeting new people and being in new places, especially ones with turtles and garden paths to explore. By the end of the evening he had sat on laps and given hugs good by and made promise to bring us back soon. He was asleep before we got to the first stop sign.

[Note: this house is in the middle of Denver, it is a city house transformed. Actually it consists of three smaller homes and a large studio where five people live and two work. It was originally built as a home for local Catholic priests who lived there for almost a century until our friends bought it.]