I should have known better than to take on a challenge, they help at first but then they paralyze me. So here I am happy and challenge free, sorry Erin. But life around here is full of joy.


Our lives are finding a rhythm, the cool air slows us down, lets us see what is around us in detail. This morning I am sitting in my studio writing this, I can hear the red wagon that was once Kevin’s being pulled back to the house. I can not see it but I am sure it had tools, Alder and possibly a book or two from a trip to the big sand pile. On weekdays Alder and I take trips to the mail box and sand pit that way, it is an excursion we stay for an hour. I read, draw or write letters while he plays. When the mail carrier comes to box we race to get the mail. We stay up there until we are done.

In the morning, most mornings, we walk on the trail behind the house. These activities sound pastoral written here, as if we live some charmed life. But they are what keeps us sane and happy. Being outside is so integral in our beings that when we do not get the time we become sour and mean. One day this past week Alder came along for some errands. He was great, as much as any child could be great for five hours of errands  but by the end neither of us wanted to be there, coming home felt so good, we packed our wagon and headed up the hill to be outside. Those days are needed but take a toll on each of us.

In contrast another day we spent a great deal of it outside, collecting sage for Papa, investigating tree sap (a recent obsession), taking pictures and listening for woodpeckers. A day that starts like that flows more easily.