So I have been behind on my happiness blogging, I’ve never been too good at everyday routines, not that I haven’t come up with hundreds of things to say here through the days. It’s just been we’ve been so busy with living that blogging went to the side. Actually so did photo taking. Some days I just feel like I spend more time looking through the camera than engaging with the world around me. So for most of this week I decided to put down the camera and do some living. Alder asked where it was a few times but generally we just had fun being with each other. A lot of fun.

I really like how the sunflower above has a natural set of patterns to be seen even though from far away it just looks like a random assortment of seeds. It’s sort of like our life. I love how were are settling into living here, how days are beginning to have a rhythm that created itself naturally. Of course this autumn, which had really started in the last few days, is always a period of reestablishing for me. I am always struck with a need to inserct myself silently in places and observe while being invisible.

Autumn always feels so expansive to me, the world seems to be taking large strides and I get carried along for the ride. The cool air and bright sun take me far from my comfortable space into new experiences, echoing the tradition of the school year. This year I am trying to pull out all the rhythms and roots that I am finding.

Alder and I have started to plan our learning space and he is excited to start building the shelves, while I am excited to start using the ideas that I have found through the Seasons of Joy. I never thought of myself as using a curriculum and this only vaguely qualifies as one but I was seriously needing direction and a little outside help with our daily purpose and, I hate to say it, schedule. It’s more for me than him and it has been helping.

The other anchoring thing I’ve started is doing a Friday night Shabbat dinner, just as a moment during the week that we can all come together to be thankful and eat well. We light the candles and bless the bread eat good food on my mother’s plates bringing together our pasts and our present. I hope that we end up with a steady stream of guests joining us for these moments of pause.