After dinner I escape over the back fence for a walk. There is a trail there that winds towards the main road. This is not the trail where fairy houses are built or trees are climbed, this trail is for me alone. I walk through the tall grass and trees watching  golden lines of day cross the evening shadows that have already started to bring their heathered haze. I am walking with no purpose other than to be out in this time of day.

the trail

As I come to the rise of a small hill I startle some deer, most run off but one stays and we watch each other with out moving. I have seen her and her herd before. They forage on our land every few days, the males must be young since their velvet antlers and no larger than an outstretched hand. I don’t think this is the mother deer since the spotted faun is never far from it’s mother. After a minute I feel guilty for keeping her, I turn and continue along the trail. As I cross the pasture she watches me until I enter the shadows of the next stand of trees.


This is no wilderness trail, there are houses and horse pastures all along the way. But back here I am far enough away that I hear no people and except for the sound of hundreds of grasshoppers it is quiet. I am content to walk my thoughts on the grasses and flowers around me.