In Need of Sugar

There are just some days that are better left to others when I should really be left alone in a room with something creative to do or maybe a book. But I certainly shouldn’t be out on hot sticky missions with an also grumpy three year old who announces “I don’t want to say please today.”

I certainly shouldn’t be walking around downtown with said 3 year old and no ergo and only 52 minutes on the meter while I try to find the art store being the only place in town that has rolls of graph paper.

Nor should I be the one to try to sit and journal while 3 year old continues to get “stuck” on the play ground equipment and need me to help him down.

Even more so I should not have been the one driving when we picked up a surly Papa from tiling his sister’s kitchen and try to organize ourselves with a hungry 3 year old.

But then there were noodles for lunch and a trip to get dirt and compost for the late season garden and by the time we all got home, Mama was becoming herself, Papa got a second call for an interview and 3 year old was snoozing away.

Add a solo trip to the grocery store and Mama is now a tired but happy woman.