Birthday Girl

Yup I’m 36 years old. It snuck up on this year, we had family visiting but the celebrating was low key. On Saturday we went to the flea market and hiking in 11 Mile Canyon. Sunday we had a picnic in the park in Denver with friends. This year, more than ever before, I feel like my birthday is a very personal matter.

My goal for this year is to live more intentionally. To me this means that I want to have a reason for what I am doing, even if the reason is I want to do nothing and relax, I need to be able to state this to myself. I want to try to fill my days with useful activities. If I am with Alder I want to be with Alder, not have my mind somewhere else. When I have time to myself I don’t want to waist it driving around on errand I want to really focus on projects, whether they are writing, art, etsy or crafting. I am really good at conceiving projects but I have been spoiled in the past by having large swathes of time to do them in, now I need to recognize that twenty minutes while Alder plays is a useful time not something to be wasted.

Do I dare try to use this space to record these attempts? I just think I might have to, as no one else is going to hold me accountable for these personal projects. So I have created another page to keep track of all of this.