I’m not sure how it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted anything real. Life has been tumbling forward with Festivals and prairie meandering. Oh and Grandma showed up and gave Mama a much needed day to herself which she spent too much time searching for the still elusive local diner and not enough time in her little corner of the house (okay four hours isn’t nothing but I really should have just stayed home). Alder’s room is almost done, which of course led to lots of conversations about mindful parenting. Along with all of that there has been the usual drawing and painting, playing in the sand pit and riding on the horse.



There is something about this house that is so very settling, even if we don’t have set schedules there is a natural rhythm to our days that has been emerging. A summer rhythm with lots of time outside finding sunshine. Meals are becoming real again as is bedtime (thank you Grace). There is a lot more love around here and well all feel it.

Crafty Corner

Tomorrow Alder and I are heading up to Denver to pick my cousin up at the airport, more summer fun to be had.