New Trike

If you have noticed that it’s been a little dry here regarding Alder or parenting in general it’s because we have hit a rough spot the boy and I. We seem to be in conflict often, we’ve rolled ourselves into a pattern of negative energy. We seem to push at each other all day long. On my side I know I am expecting more of him, or at least I want him to continue to help as he has before. On his side he gets angry so easily, if I put the spoon in his bowl too close to the eggs can turn into ten minutes of tears and asking why I did that.

It is hard when I am in the middle of these days to step back and remember all the ideas I had on parenting not so long ago. But there is so much for all of us right not with the move. At least Kevin and I have words to express our feelings, even if we don’t always do it well. But for Alder here he is far from everything he knows and in a home that has not found it’s rhythm yet.

So starting tomorrow I am rein in myself, to bring back family meals, to lock down bedtime, for most nights and to try to invigorate us here as we figure out this new life of our. Any suggestions on how to get back in the groove are welcome.