This is a little late in posting. But last weekend we had Alder’s 3rd birthday party. It was a small get together with friends and family. As usually we cooked lots of food and spent the day before cleaning. The effect was perfect.


There was lots of Alder’s favorite food: beets, noodles, chips, and cake. There was also food for the people expecting a barbecue, including Ms. Shannon’s excellent hamburger recipe. But the best new food we had was the cheese straws. As for the cake Alder and I looked through lots of pictures of cakes, but in the end he decided that he wanted a cake with hearts. So I made this cake, but I forgot about the elevation (we live at 7500 feet now) so it ended up being really dry. So I faked a chocolate pudding and poked the two layers full of holes and poured it in. Alder really wanted the icing he saw there, which was butter cream, so I made it, although it was too sweet for both of us. Anyway between the pudding and the icing and the hearts the whole thing looked like a tree stump with little mushrooms so we put leaves around the cake and called it a faerie cake!

The party was fun, Alder got to see his cousins who he hadn’t seen since he was one. He loved all the attention of the older kids as well of all the adults. Most of the people who were there had been around for Alder’s first year of life, to them it had only been a little while that we were gone. But to Alder these were all new people that he somehow knew loved him.

Cheese Straws

(I’ll be honest I actually used Mark Bittman’s recipe for these from How to Cook Everything but Deb was the inspiration)

There was such a feeling of love that afternoon, even if it did hail!