We’ve been since the 29th of July, not even three weeks but there is a permanence already setting in. I no longer feel as though I’m just visiting. We have been working hard to make due with what’s around here and that has meant we have some really creative furniture appearing around the house.

The first piece of furniture we faked was the toy shelf for Alder’s room. We brought the wine crates with us but the rest was salvaged from the barn and greenhouse.Toy shelf

In the barn there are also four or five metal lockers, I chose the shorter one to turn into a cabinet for the studio.

Before front


Basically all we did was spray paint the metal body and add plywood shelves on the inside. I also bought a role of magnetic tape so that I can use the doors of the cabinet as a place to put pictures and quotes that inspire me.

Finally there is the awesome 8 feet by 3 feet table that Kevin made for me, again all of it is salvaged from the property except for a file cabinet that is under one end.  The wooden box on the visable end opens up and I will eventually add shelves in there for books or something. The table top is plywood framed in 1×2 with a support going the length of the table so the sewing machine won’t bounce (oh and it is also screwed into the wall for extra support).
8 foot desk