Full sky

We drove Northeast today for a hike at the Painted Mines in Calhan Colorado. It felt so good to get out moving under the sky . I love our new home and being in the woods but my craving for the open sky continues and so I have adopted this county park as my refuge.

Painted Mines

My pictures hardly do the place justice, most of them came out blurry GRR! I want to experience this space at five in the morning and during a full moon, I want to see it on a cold February morning two days after a snow storm and in the middle of a thunderstorm. I’m not sure I have ever felt this kinship to a place that I haven’t grown in before. It’s like having a new crush.


One of us did not appriciate the hike as much, in fact he protested most of hte way there until we had our picnick at the trail head and he figured out that I could carry him instead of walking. Poor kid is still tired out from his 3rd Birthday.