The familiar white of the screen makes wherever I am seem the same, in these moment where I retreat to the computer. In the other room is a half cut birthday banner, and a half made birthday cake. Even in the dark I hear Kevin and Alder downstairs working on projects. Yesterday I went to bed at 6pm tired from a day learning my new town, of seeing that my job hunt is going to be a challenge. The heat, dryness and accumulated exhaustion made me dizzy all day. I steadied myself mid afternoon with a plate of sushi eating all of the ginger and wasabi. The subtleness of the fish and rice rooted me on a day where I thought I might float off into the sky. It was my first time to myself since June I soaked it up letting my mind to wander where it wanted.

Thirteen hours of sleep later and a day with my two men I am ready again to push forward on this project we call life.