Completely Full

We got out about a day after we thought we would. But everything was packed using every single space in the truck. It was sort of like playing 3D tetris.

The first night we slept near Rochester NY. Once we were in PA we took a break by Lake Erie.

With no airconditioning in the car Alder and I learned to love open windows at 70 miles an hour. Indulging with a sugary lunch. Somewhere in

By late that night we made it to Springwood Farm in Kentucky (yes that was a 16 hour day). We were welcomed with dinner. It smells differently down there.  The next morning we spent exploring with our friends the farm and the town of Midway Kentucky, while the air conditioning was charged.



An introduction

End of the line

Leaving Kentucky in the afternoon we made it to Illinois that night, an odd motel in an odd town with an amazing Italian restaurant. Early the next morning we took off with aspirations of making it to Colorado. But not more then five minutes into the trip my air conditioning  conks out again. So Alder and I make our way through Illinois, Missouri, and most of Kansas with the windows open, sucking ice and drinking lemonade. We stop with only five hours to go.

The next morning the world comes together, here we are on the High Plains part of my world. We drive on through the rest of Kansas in a cool breeze. Once we come to Colorado things start to fall into place. The somewhat familiar route 24 leads me down through small towns green from the recent rain. then finally the mountains come into view and we are there, the forest that lies at the intersection of mountain and plains.

We arrived on Saturday since then it’s been a frenzy of unpacking.