“When we are in our new house can we plant strawberries?”


“I will go for a walk with aunt Karen”

When, I ask.

“When we are in Colorado.”


“No want to move Mama.”

I know Day, I tell him. But we will have a house with its own forest and you can go out both doors by yourself.

“Can I plant beets?”

I think so.

“Then I will plant grapes and see Kate.”

The past two weeks have been difficult with Alder, he understands that we are moving now. Than we are going where the sun goes when it sets. He has been hurt and angry and filled with tears. We have had days of crying fights spurred off by someone touching him, or a missing toy. I know he has heard the sorrow in my voice, watched me as I have tried to be brave for him.

And then yesterday he woke up all giggles and smiles, gentling touching my face as he as since he was born. He did not cry once all day. He helped pack for hours, he took a long hike to a beach and shared the swing without tears, he even put his clothes back on the first time I asked and happily walked back. He is back to himself, he has found for himself an island to stand on in the middle of the chaos of this move.


Now he proudly tells everyone “I am moving to Colorado.”