in the woods

On the way home from New York we decided to stop at Storm King Art Center.  It is one of those places that feels dream like. The scale of things is off. There are giant sculptures on fields that make them seem small. But as you start to walk between them the distances seem to shrink. It reminds me of flying in dreams. Or maybe it was just the weather.

To me places like this are reminders of why art holds such an important place in my life, here are pieces on a scale that I can not even imagine how they are conceived and built. To me art making  has always been small and personal, yet these pieces of great proportions still inspire me even if they intimidate me a little.

Alder fell into being there so naturally he ran between the pieces. He is already has his own opinions about art and held to his belief that the big black one by the entrance was the best one except for the Betoven’s Quartet where there was a mallet for playing the piece. He approached each piece with his eyes wide open, listing off their attributes. Mama this one is black and has an L it moves in the middle. He spied a woods across the field and insisted that we head that direction, leading us to the wonderful Andrew Goldsworthy wall that was in the woods.

The new header of the blog is a picture of Alder on Kevin’s shoulders as they hike along the edge of Maya Lin’s ‘Storm King Wavefield’. It’s been rare lately that the three of us are all together focusing on the same thing for an afternoon, Storm King was a way for us to share something we all love.