We’ve been down around New York since Thursday helping a friend set up her parent’s apartment for her wedding. The apartment is filled with so many antiques that we end up putting a lot of the delicate ones in storage. Unlike trips before we stayed with my aunt in Westchester which was actually a pain when it came to being in the city. But it was nice to have time with her.


The second night we were in town we were supposed to go out with with the soon to be bride and groom with some other friends, but the traffic was horrible heading into town and the idea of driving around and looking for parking, eating a dinner and turning around to drive back killed me. Part of the way down we turn off the highway and decided to go on a date just the two of us. We took a long walk along the Hudson River and ended up at The Cookery for dinner which was the best meal I have had in years, not to mention that our bill came to $40 (we didn’t drink but did have appetizers).