The Alphabet of Happiness

A: Alder and all who he is.

B: Bread that we bake to feed ourselves and fill the house with smells.

C: The Creamery, to spend a morning with tortilla pie and good conversation.

D: Denver, so soon we will be near by with all the friends food and art you have.

E: Estuary, the new spot for paddling so close to home so much to explore.

F: Farmer’s Markets and the food and community it brings together.

G: Ginger, and the secrets of freezing it.

H: Hermit’s Island counting down the days until the Mamas and the boys head out.

I: Iris my aunt, the woman who has helped me to understand what I need in life, listened to me complain too often, taught me all about food, cherished my son and always made me feel wanted and worthy.

J: Joyce, my mother whose memory stays alive through stories, images, and words and now through my son.

K: Kate, whose letter lead me to Colorado and to finding my love and myself.

L: Love of family of friends of adventures and starting new.

M: Make, because in this house our days are full of making we feed our stomachs with food our souls with creativity and late at night cured in bed music.

N: Needles to keep my yarn on, needles to fit in my sewing machine, needles to embroider with, and needles that my husband works with to turn pain to balance and stress to harmony.

O: Opportunity which we follow back across the country to Colorado.

P: Peaches, not in season or local right now but always on my mind.

Q: Questions that Alder asks me and how we explore them together.

R: Reading fiction, poetry, gardening, history, bogs, essays.

S: Simplicity and how we are trying to reach towards find a balance in our lives that will keep all of it simple.

T: Trellises that I dream of covered in Morning Glories.

U: Underwear, my son who wears only underwear and has left diapers behind.

V: The violets that we find on our walks around town.

W: Writing and the magical rhythms that it creates in me.

X: Xeriscaping, and the potentials of our new space.

Y: Yes, finding ways to say yes to my son without compromising my needs and wants.

Z: zest, the orange or lemon varieties for muffins, rice, or any place I might savor the oils.