As a mother there are so few moments when I am alone. Most weeks I can find a few hours away from my babe and home but for the most part my whole life is a shared existence of three. I had the opportunity to spend the past few days away from home with a friend, as her side kick at the Twist Fair 2.0 in Northampton Mass. The Fair started Friday afternoon and ran until last night, so the trip was short, but still there was something about two Mamas sitting down to a meal of scallops and ravioli without a single person under twenty at the table that is sort of amazing. I mean beyond the amazing food.

The conversation followed an uneven path all weekend, two people whose stories are running parallel for a while, who share some goals and a lot of timely chaos. Movies turned into farming turned into childhood turned into learning and on. While other thoughts were left alone single statements in the quiet car. But it always came back to food, family and change and how all those things are so very interconnected.

Twist 2.0


But let’s remember the point of the trip was Twist 2.0, a semi annual craft fair in Northampton Mass. The whole thing only served to motivate myself for making things and taking time to understand my own process. I spent a lot of time looking around being in amazement of how people could make many similar items with our starting to drift. Of course Shannon’s work gives her a lot of room for shifting. But I looked at some of the booths and felt daunted by the continuity in their work. One woman, a shoemaker, has been making shoes for 30 years!
Handmade Shoes

I was good and only came home with two things, a t-shirt from Pinecone + Chickadee for Alder and a gift of a scarf from The Spun Monkey. On a more prosaic side there was twelve hours of knitting to be had.

Stand up and knit

Oh, did I mention the hot chocolate?