He's growing up on Noodles and Broth

We haven’t been out east for too long, less than two years. But when I look at the changes that Alder has gone through it seems much longer. Every few months or so we end up at one of my favorite restaurants in Northampton and we always have the same meal. Alder gets the noodles in miso broth and I get the fish lunch (grilled fish, rice, a salad and twig tea for the same price as a sandwich). Each time we are there I end up snapping a picture of him it’s amazing how much he has grown over the months (the picture on the top is the oldest).

But this too won’t last. Our nomadic lifestyle is taking us onward or should I say back. We tried it out here in Vermont, we tried really hard but it just isn’t economically feasible. So come July we’ll be packing it all up again (yes that is #5 in 3 years) and heading back to the mountains. We are fortunate enough to be able to move into the home that Kevin grew up in, which currently stands empty. So while I am in mourning for my family I know that we will be close to other family and only 40 minutes away from so many good friends. Oh, did I mention the 5 acres, passive solar water heater, greenhouse, barn, miles of trails strait out the back door, and the library with the coolest view on the planet?

I’ll talk more about the move later, it’s been a difficult decision for us to make but we are slowly finding all the beauty that will be waiting for us there.

I am beginning to wonder if this blog should really be called life of a nomadic tribe.