This entry is purely for Abi, who is still very pregnant.

I remember when Alder was due and the date passed and the temperature rose higher and higher until it was 100 + for three days in a row and all I could do was take long walking in the heat because sitting still was unbearable and air conditioning, something I normally dislike, was almost as unbearable as sitting. So I would walk down the hill from my house down to the river and downtown and waddle my way in and out of stores like a lost balloon.

Finally, after Kevin had food poisoning and our cat had a run in with a fox that involved multiple visits to the vet Alder was ready to be born. Still he took his time, I spent the first four hours of labor alone in the house timing my contractions and listening to the BBC. While Kevin finished his overnight shift I listened as Israel invaded Lebanon. Then 22 hours later Alder came into this world head first into a horse trough his head up right.

Now we’re waiting again, not for our own baby but for our good friends‘ who are on number three. We just can’t wait to meet ‘what’s his name’.


Besides there’s a lot more of this that needs to happen this summer.

Abi- while we’re excited to meet him don’t rush on our account 😉