left behind

Before I met my husband or had a child I was a big believer in “I can always just go” in fact I would regularly take off alone from Southern Colorado exploring the mountains or the desert for a few days. But things have changed over time, life seems to take more and I am more conscious of what endless driving does to the environment. Still sometimes the desire is overwhelming to leave. Not for good, not even alone but to be in a different environment. While Alder was the one to come up with our trip this past week I have been craving a horizon. Here in Vermont every view comes to an end quickly as the hills rise or tree obliterate what is behind them.

So it wasn’t a hard decision to pack up when Alder said beach. He has become my travel partner, willing to pick up at random moments and head off just to see what is there. This is good because his father is not so keen on these trips, happier to explore every minute detail of where we are for his adventures. We are a good balance the two of us, he as taught me to pause and absorb where we are while I get him to pull up his anchor sometimes and see what’s behind the next bend (or the one following that).

my feet haven't seen sunlight for a while

My lungs needed the salt and wind my feet needed the cold water and soft sand. And so we spent five hours on the cold wind warm sand beach, digging, crawling, dancing, running, pausing, exploring and being.