Despite the title this isn’t another parenting post. This has to do with the totally wonderful adventure Alder and I have had over the past three days that all came about because I decided to listen to Alder.

Sunday morning I was woken up to Alder asking to go to a sand beach. He was insistent that we go. Something about the way he asked or the sunlight on the curtains or the sounds out side made me realize he was right we had to go to the beach. Of course there aren’t tons of beaches in Vermont, besides when I think beach I also think ocean. So we packed up our camping gear, said good by to Papa and headed out.

Four hours later (rte 9 across New Hampshire is not in fact the fastest way to Maine) we were eating lunch in downtown Portland and getting directions to a beach. There was something about the day and how we moved through the space we were in that was odd. We got to the road where the beach was and there was a sign for two different beaches, the one that had been suggested and another one. I decided to go to the other one.

Five minutes later we are pulling into the parking lot. I get out of the car and hear someone call my name. Right in front of me, getting out of her car is one of my good friends from college who I had lost touch with. The first thing she tells me is that she had been thinking of me that morning and was wearing a bracelet I had made her years ago. We catch up briefly and make plans to have dinner the next night.