Lunch break

lunch break

The view at lunch

They watched us eat

We wandered far today, a 17 mile bike ride into Massachusetts. It was one of those perfect days of bright sunshine but not too warm. I’ve still got a ways to go until I’m in shape again I pushed the bike up an embarrassing amount of hills. Still Kevin kept calling on his drive to pick us up in disbelief that he hadn’t passed us.

Lunch was finger food, cheese and carrots with peanut butter. I think it’s a new favorite for biking and hikes, easy to carry and lots of energy. This year biking is different, Alder was a wake the entire trip and we talked about what we were looking at along the way. We counted waterfalls, searched for cows when we smelled them and birds when we heard them. After about 12 mile Alder started asking where the play ground was I had to explain to him that we were just going on a bike ride to go on a ride. A few minutes later he said “Mama this is a good bike ride!” (melt)

Since Kevin works half days on Wednesday I went with a friend for cupcakes at the Montague Book Mill, we sat talking about everything from the births of our sons to moving and knitting, we talked about subversive literature and goats. We theorized about cisterns in the West and about strawberries this summer. The next thing we knew it was after 6.

I’ve been missing this sort of fullness in my days, Winter brings too much isolation and inside time for me by it’s end. I am happy to be outside and moving around again. How have you been enjoying your Spring so far?