Alex and I 2006

We had one summer

perfect days that went unnoticed by us,

two young women so caught up in the tumult of our lives.

a handful of photographs,



silk pajama bottoms and a new kitten.

goodbye was tequila on her porch with old friends

I went off to the mountains

to recreate myself

she returned to a life she was unsure of

We got older, learned things we couldn’t have known that summer

each of us came through the bruises

to this point were she sits on her Brazilian deck

ocean below “it’s like my heart beat” she tells me.

I can not hear those waves but I have my own rhythm

the two sleeping bodies in the bed

heavy with sleep full of bread and stories.

When we speak now

we share volumes in between the stutters

and pauses that technology presents us

we are only brief summaries

to be fleshed out with memory

and guesses.