I am well into the slog of figuring. I haven’t mentioned it here much lately because well it is embarrassing that we have had such a hard time over the last few years. I try really to keep this place happy and thoughtful rather than one to complain in. But I just thought I would share that yes we are once again trying to find where we fit in the world. Some days this beautiful town we live in seems like home, but our bank  account thinks otherwise. For now we plan and apply and imagine many different realities.

Is it depressing? It was for a while, but once you get into the groove of knowing that things are going to change it can be sort of fun imagining life in various towns and regions. Sure there are some less favorable spots we might end up but the economy makes me feel that right now security is really the most important thing right now, we always can make our own fun…we always do anyway.

I’d love to be able to drink that cup of tea peacefully by the window knowing that the bills are paid and the fridge is full.